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The Voices of the 20 & 21st Golden Trailer Awards. Trailer Voice Artists provides A-List theatrical and promotional narrators, ADR, and voice matching services to film studios, motion picture advertising vendors, and television networks for national and global marketing campaigns. 

TVA = Quality over Quantity. 
Our voices are on most major networks and advertise the best new movies and shows coming soon! "We Go To Finish!" 

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All TVA Artists are working pros with modern broadcast home studios for RUSH sessions and lighting fast turn-around times. The Team thrives, with weekly industry guest workshop training; Voice Coordinators, Trailer Editors, Copy Writers, Trailer & Promo Producers, On-Air Post Production Professionals, Audio Mixers, and more, polish the team's deliveries! 

Current marketing trends, key demographic reach methods, and file delivery systems are constantly being updated to make seamless workflow possible for our clients. 


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