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       The Special-Forces  of Voice Over artists for entertainment marketing creatives. The TVA team is specially trained for; Theatrical, Promotional, Narration, and Commercial projects. TVA provides A-List voice talent  to advertising agencies, film studios, motion picture advertising vendors, and television networks for national and global marketing campaigns. Our focus is on providing voice talent for award winning entertainment marketing campaigns. with our global agencies partners, we can cast any voice type! 
       Whatever the casting ask, we'll come through for you and your clients, guaranteed. Reach out today to get the conversation started about your project and get RUSH same day auditions. To hear the TVA Artists click menu on the top of the website.

           New TVA artists are being added to keep up with trending demands from clients, ad agencies, and consumers. TVA has custom curated the best - most diverse - roster of voices in the marketing world. Faster client approval happens with TVA voice talent.

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