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TVA Commercial Voices

TVA represents Veterans and fresh Commerical Voices for Social, Web, Radio, and Television  brand marketing campaigns. Looking for a specific voice per genre of brand? Click Client Audition Request on the top of the page to have a special casting at no cost. Our talent have all been trained by industry veterans currently cutting TV/Radio/Streaming commercial spots. 

Rachel Wohl
Mate Mate,  Monkey Alien, Season 1/1
Moving Veterans Forward 30 Second Spot- Brian Stivale VOICE ACTOR
Erin Rubin - EN-US_JustForLaughs_AsmrStandUpTrailer_1920x1080_PRHQ_2CH_Post_NoBug
More Power for Your Pursuit | MAZDA CX-30 2.5 Turbo AWD | MAZDA USA
Bubble x Ulta Video
UCI Health Spot
CADILLAC Blackwing Commercial - Brian Stivale VOICE ACTOR
Jean - Francois Donaldson
Qdoba CLS Seafood Lovers
Erin Rubin
Jean Francois Donaldson
Waterloo TV
Rachel Wohl
Female VoiceOver-Ramsey Infiniti QX60-Cool, Hip, Fun Automotive Advertising Voice - Trisha Lynn VO
Duval Culpepper Voiceover for SKYY Vodka
Harley Davidson - The Frozen Few - Narrated By  Brian Stivale VOICE ACTOR
The Story Behind Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy
KIA Brand Video BAH
YQ by Yoplait TV
PC GAME PASS Ben Blankenship
PlayStation Summer Playground 2021
Welcome to What's Next
Sia's New Toyota Commercial ft. The Greatest
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